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Unique Services

Unlike traditional dealers & retailers, Galt Wine Cellars represents the client among every industry source - not a limited line of "brands"  There is never a charge for our services and our focus is on objective, comprehensive, information.  Ultimately we will refer you directly to the best match for your circumstance..  No B.S., no sales staff, just information.  OUR UNIQUE GUARANTEE:  Find a lower cost for any choices you make and we'll send you a check for twice the difference.  We don't haggle or match" offers - we just refer our clients to the lowest-priced source up front.

Unique Applications

With over 18 years' experience among EVERY vendor - EVERY source - more than 6,000 clients, we've seen it all.  With an exchange of a few questions and answers, we  identify the most appropriate alternatives to fit any client's parameters, priorities & specifications.  As well, we can evaluate all alternatives touted by various web sites or individuals.  Personal opinion or experience or advertising nonsense aside, the quality of various equipment can be pretty much the same.  But no two clients or applications are.

Unique Process

Galt Wine Cellars has longstanding relationships with every source in the wine storage industry.  Our leverage, combined with higher volumes & extensive experience with all product lines enable our purchasing & technical staffs to provide our clients with complete information.  We can likewise assure all providers that any Galt referral has been thoroughly educated on what a product is and what it is not .... whether it will meet expectations or it won't.  Thus, there are no surprises or complaints after-the-fact.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT COMPENSATION FROM CONSUMERS DIRECTLY. 

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In order to assure direct contact with the most appropriate staff member or vendor, in order to avoid endless games of "phone tag" or "voice jail", we recommend Phone Appointments (24/7).  

General Inquiries: info@galtwine.com

Clients: ayn@galtwine.com 

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